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Deadline Delivery Service. Inc. Announces:

Deadline Delivery Announces a Decrease in Fuel Services Charges

Weymouth, MA, August 6, 2008 - Effective immediately, Deadline’s Fuel Service charge of 20% will decrease to 15%.  This year’s record spike in gasoline prices has finally ended.  A state wide survey by WBZTV released today found an average price of $3.86 a gallon for self-serve, regular unleaded gasoline. That’s 24 cents lower than one month ago.

 The following table will provide insight to any future changes and the uncertainty in fuel charges.

Gas Price (Based on State of Massachusetts Gas Average Per Gallon)

Fuel Service Charge

$2.51 Per Gallon to $3.50 Per Gallon 


$3.51 Per Gallon to $4.00 Per Gallon


$4.01 Per Gallon to $4.51 Per Gallon


Gasoline is hardly a bargain these days, but the average price does continue to fall here in Massachusetts and around the nation.    

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